Broadly, I teach in the areas of the Energy Humanities, Cultural Studies, Film and Media Studies, Comparative Literature, Canadian Studies, and Writing Studies Pedagogy. More specifically, my teaching focuses on representations of environmental and social justice issues in literature, film and media, from an intersectional feminist perspective.

I am interested in visual and textual resistance projects that aim to disrupt the larger matrix of white colonial patriarchy, as people seek to recalibrate gendered, racialized, and class relations that are part of ongoing practices of exclusion in twentieth and twenty-first century Canadian global oil culture.

Graduate Supervision

I am willing to consider graduate supervision in any of the following areas: Petrocultures, Energy Humanities and Eco-criticism; Women’s and Gender Studies; Critical Race theory, Human Rights and Social Justice Issues; Canadian Literature, Film, and Media Studies; Documentary; Comparative Literature; Women’s Literature; Motherhood Studies; Communication, Rhetoric and Writing Studies

A Selection of Courses Taught

Anglais 429: Canadian Cultural Studies

Anglais 328: Canadian Women’s Narratives

Anglais 101: Critical Reading and Writing

Anglais 111: Language, Literature and Cultures

Anglais 126: Exploring Writing Studies

Comparative Literature 100: World Literature

Comparative Literature 372 & 472: Comparative Studies in Canadian Prose

English 111: Communications

Etudes Canadiennes (ETCAN) 501 Méthodologie de recherché/ Research Methodology